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Added: 23/06/2015 (Listed for: 6 years)

Points: 802 ?

ROI: 302%


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USD Business Limited is involved in a wide-range of the business fields that are very close to the venture capital industry. Since 2010 the company offers long-term investments at the stages of business planning and startups. Venture capital allows us to implement projects with innovative content, and joint ownership of such companies provides a high degree of control over the cash flows as well as timely and accurate settlement of obligations towards investors.

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  • Investment plans: 2.20% daily (mon-fri); 2.70% daily (mon-fri); 3.50% daily (mon-fri)
  • Min spend: $30.00
  • Max spend: $99999999.99
  • Payout max time: 0h
  • Minimum to withdraw: $
  • Referral: 6-2-1%
  • Payment method: Instant
  • Compounding available: yes
  • Principal return: no
  • Our investment: $50.00
  • Complaints: 0 (0 pending, 0 solved, 0 unsolved) ?
  • Verification level: unverified?


Name Profit Time of interest Min. deposit Max. deposit Period Compounding
2.2% Daily for 70 Business Days 2.20% daily (mon-fri) $30.00 $99999999.99 70 days yes
2.7% Daily for 70 Business Days 2.70% daily (mon-fri) $30.00 $10000000.00 70 days yes
3.5% Daily for 70 Business Days 3.50% daily (mon-fri) $30.00 $99999999.99 70 days yes

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Payout speed
Support quality
If you see the sign "Care Investors Program" this means that you get a possibility to report any missed deposit or pending withdrawal even if you are not referred by us. A program's representative can join to any dispute and respond directly in our system. All complaints are monitored and verified by our investigation team.
In this way, your complaints are verified by a third and indepedent party. We publish the information how many complaints the program have and how many of them are solved, pending and unsolved.
We have 3 levels of verification process. Every level has individual rules, please visit our advertise page for more details.
Feel free to invite program administrators to get more confidence and to access verification procedures.

Every program position depends on many factors:

Base points - 91
Ordered points - 0
Our rating points - 8
Points for verification - 0
ROI points - 302
Monitoring time points - 391
Deposit volume points - 10

Payout speed
Support quality
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Bitcoin withdrawals will be processed as soon as Blockchain, the operator of the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet service will be back online. As stated at company Twitter:

We are currently undergoing some maintenance but will be back online shortly. Be sure to follow @blockchain on Twitter for the latest news.

As far as we know, the problem was related to server issues and BlockChain website will be back online soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Regards, USD Business Limited Team


We welcome all who have chosen USD Business Limited as a reliable financial partner and a stable source of passive cash flow. We thank you for your choice and during last two months of our online activity we made every effort to ensure your daily profits and instant payments in full. To date, our company has more than 5,000 investors in several dozen countries and islands around the world. Due to advantageous proposal of cooperation, our company has gained popularity and trust among professional online investors and beginners.

USD Business company is actively developing and now has official representatives in more than 50 countries, with more than 200 of our partners are ready to provide you with the necessary assistance or information in your own language, if you encounter any problem on the website or have some questions. Also you can find your nearest representative to ask him to share his own experience about earnings and payments here.

The growing popularity of our investment project is already attracting the attention of detractors and dishonest competitors. Yesterday, our site was temporarily unavailable because we have encountered the attempt of powerful DDoS attack, but our hosting provider has successfully coped with this situation. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience and have taken all possible steps to prevent a similar situation in the future.

Stay tuned and follow us!


there are almost two month have passed since USD Business Limited offers favorable conditions for investors. Using all the possibilities of forming a successful and profitable business, long experience of searching and funding of successful startups and projects, we try to propose the best conditions for each of you. During the recent period of our active efforts to attract and increase turnaround actives, more than three thousand people have become clients of the company. Also, the growing popularity is clearly visible on the Alexa website where global traffic rank of our website is already more than 20,000.

Because our clients are spread all over the world is a very topical issue of attracting of regional representatives for consultation and information help service for novice investors. Today the company has already more than 140 partners in more than 40 countries. We believe that the presence of a representative of each country in the world will greatly facilitate the process of understanding the subtleties of USD Business Limited and its investment terms as well as strengthen the credibility of the company's clients. Trust is one of the key components of our business and we are grateful to you for it.

We continue to look for competent and diligent partners. If you want to become a part of our team and get the job done, then we are waiting for your requests with contact information. With more details about the requirements and the process of obtaining the representative status as well as with list of active partners, you can familiarize yourself in the "Official representatives" section:

We also want to remind about a bonus of 10$, that you can get for your short video testimonial. All you need is just to open on your monitor, turn on the camera and share your opinions about the investment project of USD Business Limited project. We are waiting for your video as a file or YouTube link via email: The best videos will be added to our website and thousands visitors will see them. You can attach affiliate link to your video and attract new referrals in this way.

Regards, USD Business Limited Team


Perhaps the most important news today is that our investment offer is available online one month already. And we overcame this period worthy.

During the month that has passed, we got a lot of loyal clients. More than 2,000 people have chosen our company for investment, and we appreciate this and are grateful. The total amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars that you have invested helps to develop new ideas and startups, which will soon bring millions of dollars in profits. In the last month we have implemented several major projects, and it has become a measure of how the right path we have chosen.

As is known, USD Business Limited is engaged in financial assistance for projects in promising economic sectors such as computer development and engineering, energy-efficient systems and technologies. We note that that is not only the future of all humanity, but also an excellent opportunity to invest profitably. This means that our financial activity is safe and has a high potential.

Our company is very popular in dozens of countries. This is evidenced by the fact that we have about 100 regional representatives in 36 countries! If you need to get quick advice in your native language you can simply visit the "Regional representatives" section and find nearest our info partner.

You can also get help by contacting us through support live chat, via email or call our office. Our managers and client service staff are ready to provide any additional information from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Friday.

In addition, we suggest subscribing to our updates on Facebook and Twitter, as well as join our Fb group for a public discussion of company's investment proposal and leaving your comments about payouts you have received:

We have big plans for the future and see our investment project not only successful and profitable, but also easy to use. In the near perspective we want to add a few operators to the client support team. Based on the analysis of the visits frequency to live chat, we decided to start with Russian operators. Within a few days we will add chat service for clients from Russian language countries. Next in line will be Hindi and Indonesian operators. We are confident that this will be a good impetus for the development of our investment project.

The company already got a large number of video testimonials, but unfortunately, most of them do not meet the criteria. We remind you that you can earn an extra 10$ just in case, if you send us a video where you tell us about the project against the backdrop of the monitor, where our website - - is opened. We look forward to your testimonials and video reviews via or through feedback form in your account. It can be just a link of your YouTube channel or mp4/avi file.

The last month is only the beginning of our long journey to success. Become our constant companions and get reliable financial partner!

Regards, Gary


We are pleased to inform you that USD Business Limited has been expanding its presence around the world and to date you can get advice from any of our 70 regional representatives in 30 countries. If you wish to obtain additional information or evidence of stability and solvency of the company do not hesitate to contact your nearest representative.

We also remind you that to become an official representative of USD Business Limited can any of you. It's enough to meet the requirements with which you can familiarize yourself in the Official Representative section on the website, and send us the appropriate request. Shortly you will be able to attract private capitals and earn another 6% to standard affiliate reward of first tier.

Now there are more than 1,500 people became active company’s investors. Development of the company takes place according to our expectations. We continue to offer bonuses for video testimonials, so turn your attention to our proposal if you want to get an additional 10$. All you need to do is just to send us a short video in which you share your thoughts about the company on the background of on your computer monitor. This is not only a great opportunity to make extra money, but also to promote your referral link on our website. We are waiting for your video as a file or link to your YouTube channel! Also don't forget to follow us on social networks, thank you.


Today investment platform of USD Business Limited already has more than one thousand registered users, who have made deposits and now receive their guaranteed daily profits. This is a very good sign that we are doing our job properly. Thanks to the coordinated actions of our financial managers and active regional representatives of the company, we are making great strides in the field of safe and long-term investments. We are confident that such strategy will help us in the future to keep the leading position and our offer will stand out against the background of many other similar companies. To date, about fifty of our representatives live in 25 countries around the world and are ready to provide you with any information and advice. Their contact details and referral links can be found in the “Official Representatives” section on the site:

Our current proposal of cooperation for representatives is reasonably beneficial and any of you can accept it, become company partner and get a steady income due to the three-tier referral program. All we need is minimum information about you and your willingness to represent the interests of USD Business LTD in your city or country. Typically, the processing of such requests takes not more than 2-3 working days, and then your information will be added to the site.

We also want to remind you that now you have the opportunity to receive additional bonus of 10$ for short video testimonial where you can share your experience as investor or company representative. Just open on your monitor and use it as background for your video. Send us YouTube link or video file and get the bonus directly to your account balance!


We're glad to welcome all registered users of our investment program, as well as casual and regular visitors to our website! The official platform of USD Business Limited was launched just a week ago, but we already have more than one thousand active investors. This demonstrates the correctness of the course of development, which the company has chosen. We are grateful to all those who believe in us and are convinced that you made the right choice.

About the popularity of the project around the world convincingly say a lot of requests from candidates for the status of company representative. According to the regulations, we check such requests within 5 working days, but due the rapid development of our investment project we have increased the number of specialists, who approve and add new agents to the site. Currently we have more than 35 representatives from 20 countries and are struggling to cope with the following flow of requests. We remind you that the company is considering partnerships with experienced investors and is ready to assign the status of representative of our most active users. All the benefits are available to you, so if you want to get the maximum profits from the USD Business Limited, we are waiting for a message from you. More information about the conditions of cooperation and all the advantages you can find in the "Representatives" section.

To speed up the communication process and to answer questions that were not covered in the FAQ section, we have decided to add the service of live chat on our site. If you encounter any problem, do not hesitate to ask for help from our experts. Support chat is available from 10 AM to 10 PM during business week, from Monday to Friday. We also remind you that the company does not accrue profit on weekends.

We always try to help not only those investors who earn, but also those who have some doubts about investing online and start of cooperation. From today we have bonuses for your video testimonials and reviews! If you are already our investor and getting regular payments, then tell others about how easy it is to make a profit with USD Business Limited. As an incentive, we offer a bonus of $10 that will be added to your account balance if your video meets all our requirements. You should record a short testimonial (no more than 30-60 seconds), in the video should be visible your face and monitor screen, where is opened. Send your video as a file to (with a subject “Video testimonial”). After checking your video will be added to our site in the "Video Office" section, and you will be rewarded then.

We also remind you about our public group on Facebook:

There you can find the latest news and updates about USD Business Limited, meet like-minded people to discuss the company's activities and share information about your payments. Your activity there will undoubtedly contribute to the further development of our investment proposal. Stay tuned!

Best Regards, Gary


We are pleased to inform you that the official Facebook group of USD Business Limited has been recently registered and now it is open to every one of you. Join our public group and share your impressions and personal opinions about our company. If you have already become our active investor, so why do not you tell us about it? Thus, you will help novice investors to take right decision, get rid of doubts and start to earn. We would be glad if you tell Facebook readers about your experience of investing and share information about payments which you have already received from our company in the form of daily accruals or referral bonuses. In the first place, all our clients are our partners, so the Facebook group will be great open place for communication, discussions and exchange of experience.

As we have stated previously USD Business is an international company and is oriented to the participation of people from all over the world. That is why the very first day of its operation, the company started to cooperate with partners from a dozen countries. More than 15 regional representatives are ready to advise you, provide the necessary support and maximum information and of course answer any your questions. The list of our local partners in your country can be found in the "Official representatives" section.

We have the plan to expand our presence in other countries and we offer favorable conditions on a permanent basis for active participants and regional representatives. If you are an experienced investor and are willing to increase your personal income, we are waiting for your request to get the status of official representative of the company. With USD Business you will always have great prospects of development and profits. Use the maximum capacity for that!

Best Regards, Gary


Any questions? Contact us!
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